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About - Dhanashree Gruha Udyog

We Are Ready To Cook! Are You?

We came from humble origins, small in size but big on taste. The then one-woman operation is now one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of traditional Maharashtrian Ready-To-Cook food products.

Bharti Vaidya founded Dhanashree Gruha Udyog in her kitchen at the age of 45. Our first product, Panchamruti Kheer is still one of our best sellers.

We began when the concept of instant mixes was in its infancy. Rising incomes and lack of time helped this concept steamroll its way in Mumbai market. Working professionals, trekkers and travelers, students and professionals going abroad, NRIs have always been the major beneficiaries.

We crafted the art of retaining flavors and aroma of a home-cooked meal. You get the best of both worlds, as our products are nutritious as well as easy to make.

Over the years we have kept it simple yet flavorful and created a range of products starting from breakfast to dinner.

As we evolved, we focused relentlessly on the authenticity and quality of our products. Our food is as flamboyant as our culture is. Sweet, Savory, Spicy; Marathi cuisine covers it all.

Join us and relish the goodness of home-made flavors and aromas.

In the course of our journey, our patrons showered us with immense love. Our commitment to excel in maintaining best business practices helped us win many awards. Learn more about our achievements…

How it started?

They say ‘Eating is a Necessity but Cooking is an Art’. And the one person who has mastered this art is 55 years young Bharti Vaidya, a sociopreneur based in Thane. Taking the art of cooking to the next level by designing ‘Easy-To-Cook & Quick-To-Serve’ recipes bereft of chemicals and preservatives has been the unique selling proposition of Dhanashree Foods.

It started when at the age of 45 she had to search for a job and earn in order to look after her ailing husband, Mr.Raja Vaidya’s medical expenses and education of two daughters. With a resolve to start a business related to food and cooking from home, the first product dished out of her kitchen was Panchamruti Kheer powder. Taught by a dietician, this recipe was considered nutritious for women of all age groups. It was a difficult and lengthy recipe to make at home daily, so people were on the look-out for an instant version of this tasty and healthy snack. Seizing this opportunity with both hands, the first batch was produced which received an overwhelming response. And then there was no looking back. Instant Upama, Sheera, Chakali Bhajani, Laddoos were next on the assembly line and were an ‘Instant’ success too. Ready-To-Cook food items were not available easily in the market 15 years ago. These items were not only tasty and healthy but also time-saving and the portions were sufficient to satisfy one’s groaning belly.

The Journey

Maharashtra boasts of a rich cultural and culinary heritage. A dialogue from a Marathi play prompted Bhartitai to experiment and add items from the Maharashtrian cuisine in the list of instant mixes. Initially, staples like Aamti, Zunka, Pithle were introduced. In the beginning she was a bit skeptical about her ability to mass produce and market her products. Gaining fame is easy, maintaining it requires real skill and strong resolve. Words of encouragement came from well-wishers like Mr. Jayantrao Parchure, saying “You begin with the production, rest all will fall in place”. And with spirit filled wings began the journey of business expansion. Minal Mohadikar is another name Bhartitai will be always grateful to for her never-ending and unconditional source of support and encouragement. Today, Dhanashree Foods has around 50 different products in the market ranging from Snacks, Dals, Rice, Upwas, Spices, Veggies, Kheer and Dhanashree Plus.

With vibrant presence at exhibitions and the right kind of mouth publicity, Dhanashree Foods was able to garner solid support from loyal patrons. By 2005 it had successfully created a niche market in the heart of Mumbai. Count of female employees rose from 2 to 11 between 2000 and 2005. Vinayak Adhye of Sahakar Bhandar once happened to notice these items in a shop and that is when Dhanashree Foods found a place on the shelves of Sahkar Bhandar. With popularity comes a lot of responsibility and accountability. The time had come to fulfill necessary licensing and documentation. Barcode, Batch Number, Nutritional Information, Manufacturing & Expiry Date and all other mandatory requisites were taken care of. Gradually products started hitting the shelves of Big Bazar, Star Bazar and many others.

Three To Tango

Just when business had gained momentum, Bhartitai lost her husband in 2010 leaving a gaping hole. As she was unable to focus on work, it was time for her daughters Aditi Lele and Vidula Amdekar to step up and take control of the business. Aditi’s friend Manasi Joshi joined them last year and the trio started taking bold and innovative marketing decisions, began exploring newer markets and sectors, monitoring changes in Government policies and regulations, forecasting procurement and production costs against volatile raw material market. Production now takes place in two shifts. Bhartitai personally monitors it as she firmly believes in the philosophy of ‘There is no substitute for hard work’. With the rise in popularity of Dhanashree Foods, fame and accolades became routine for Bhartitai. She received awards and also got interviewed on the television on numerous occasions. But for her, one happy customer equals all other awards put together. And per famous chocolatier Jacques Torres a.k.a. Mr.Chocolate, “Reward is a happy customer – and an empty plate”.

Along with entrepreneurship, community welfare and social service has been Bhartitai’s area of interest. After founding the Thane centre of Nana Palkar Memorial with her husband Late Mr.Raja Vaidya, Bhartitai is now the Vice-President and makes Day Care service available to the elderly under this project.

Quality Management

Maintaining highest quality standards using the best raw material available has been the guiding principle.

Flawless Packaging is of paramount importance in order to retain all the flavors and aromas. It’s done in a clean and hygienic environment using Food Grade plastic and aluminum foils. It is then vacuum packed unaccompanied by any traces of water or moisture. Highly skilled and proficient manpower handles this job with great finesse which comes with years of experience and passion for food.

Since Bhartitai always shared her success with her employees and treated them as she would treat her best customer, most of the employees have been retained since the inception of the company. Since a lot of time and resources are invested in researching and understanding market needs and customer demands, the progress is gradual and steady.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the Ready-To-Cook-Food industry by leveraging technology and using innovative solutions.

Encouraging use of local & fresh ingredients and moving towards creating a sustainable ecosystem.

Believing & working towards Right to Good Food for All.

Our Mission

Manifesting Culinary Innovation, Ease & Convenience by Offering Healthy & Delicious Ready-To-Cook Food

Our Values

Dhanashree Gruha Udyog’s Values reflect who we are and what we stand for as a Company

Customer First

Our priority is to bring ease and comfort in our customers’ culinary experience


We derive the ability to serve our customers ad help the company grow when we work together as a team

Integrity & Accountability

We maintain highest standards of integrity and personal accountability while delivering on all our commitments


We insist on procuring top quality raw material to manufacture outstanding finished products

Our Team